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Short Curly Hairstyles

Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

Whether natural or created, curls can add flair to any style. Curly hair can be sexy, cute, or sophisticated with just a few adjustments. Curls can add volume to flat, fine hair or jazz up a boring look. Short curly hair can look great on a variety of faces. They can be wild and free or styled and mature, meaning that they are perfect for people of all ages.

Short Curly Hairstyles For Women

There are a variety of short curly hairstyles for women, whether or not they have natural curls. For women with natural curly hair, a short hairstyle starts with an excellent haircut. There is more slack for long or medium haircuts, but a bad short haircut is less lenient. Once you find that perfect cut that complements naturally curly hair, styling it will be less challenging.

For those who do not have naturally curly hair, there are a few ways to apply curl to shorter hair. A flat iron is one popular way to add curl. Whether hair is very short or has a little length, a flat iron can be used. A heat protection product should always be used when using a heated curling iron or flat iron. Curling very short hair with a flat iron may not add a full curl, but it will create partial curls which will add shape and the appearance of curls. The amount of curl added depends on personal preference. A larger flat iron or curling iron will add wider curls, while a thinner barrel will create small, tight curls.

short curly hairstyles

If curls are chemically created, as is the case for permed hair, be sure to take extra good care of hair. Perms help to create long-term curls, which is great for people who prefer a curly look every day rather than just wearing them now and then. However, perms use powerful chemicals to alter hair’s natural shape. After a perm, use shampoos and conditioners specially created for chemically altered hair to ensure that the curled hair stays healthy and the perm lasts longer.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

For naturally curly hair, finding a cute hairstyle can be as simple as preparing hair and adding a barrette or ribbon. Thick natural curls are lovely on their own, even if they are a bit messy. But simply adding accessories or playing with the part can add variety to a style without the application of heat or styling products. If there are bangs, they can be pinned back or left free for a more natural, fun look. For people with frizz, use a curl enhancer and frizz product to make curls look beautiful and well-maintained. Try to find products with natural ingredients that will not strip hair of its natural moisture.

For those adding curl, choosing a versatile cut is the best option. Pick a cut that will look good natural or curly, because although curls are great, they may not pan out as an everyday look. A cute curly bob is a simple, cute style. Lose curls and side swept bangs are another route to take. An A-line cut is a short style that has slightly more shape than a basic bob. It can be curled for a cute, shapely style. For a style with tight curls, try simply using a headband and letting curls flow back naturally.

Short Curly Hairstyles For Black Women

For black women who have beautiful natural curls, enjoy them! Use a curl enhancing product to make curly hair look gorgeous and to reduce frizz. A close crop or natural afro are two different styles with very different looks. The style and volume of a style should always depend on the lifestyle and facial shape of the wearer. For those who choose to leave hair longer, accessories like bands or barrettes can help to create beautiful shapes or add a little flair to natural curls.

For black women who want to create curls, a curling iron or flat iron can be used to make larger waves or curls. Straighten hair with a flat iron, then use the flat iron or curling iron to create the desired amount of curl.

Short Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces

For round faces, there are a few things to do and avoid and following these simple rules will help to choose a great hairstyle. Side swept bangs and short layers will help to add volume to the top of the head rather than the sides. This will avoid making the face look more round. Also, try not to have hair level with the chin.

Choosing a curly style for a round face needs to be done carefully. Consider loose curls as opposed to tight ones. Fluffy or frizzy short hair will enhance roundness, especially if the bulk of the hair is near the cheeks and jaw, so it is important to treat curls very carefully. Avoid pulling curls loose with rough brushing to maintain a neat style.

Short Curly Hairstyles For Men

There are also a variety of short curly hairstyles for men. While some men dislike their natural curls and choose to simple shave their hair, others truly enjoy their natural hair. For those who choose not to shave, length is really the key to finding the perfect cut. Cutting hair very short, but not quite shaved short, can leave curls awkward and half formed. The longer hair is, the more obvious the curls are unless severe length is weighting them down and stretching the curl. Longer styles are becoming more popular. This allows curls and natural waves to present themselves in a very natural and fun way. Other men prefer shorter cuts. For a shorter cut, tight curls will appear, while more loose curls will only seem like light waves.

Keeping curls healthy is an important part of a great style. Hot oil treatments and moisturizing products will help keep hair healthy, and avoiding pulling curls with a rough brush will help them to keep their shape.